Trade in for growth with yield4finance


Yield4 finance is a trade finance company that provides solutions for your trade that can help you achieve the growth you always desired. With their cutting edge experience in the field of trade finance for a long span of time they have in depth knowledge of market scenarios and are adept at analysing and recommending the best financial tools suitable to the needs of your business.

Yield4finance majorly deals in helping to provide the necessary financial guarantees required for international trades. Their clientele constitutes mainly of the importers and trading companies all over the world looking to expand their business by leveraging their existing cash-flow to its maximum.They provide consultancy and guide you towards the best modus operandi for the purpose of securing a financial tool which suites the need and nature of your business.

The various services provided by them are as follows:

Standby letter of credit
A non -cancellable bond given by the bank on behalf of the buyer guaranteeing and assuring the investors/sellers that the payments will be made well in time.

Bank guarantee
A Bank Guarantee is a document that assures the payment to the seller in case of a default by the debtor. It can be broadly classified into two categories.

A direct guarantee
This is when the bank guarantees a payment on the instruction of its account holder to assure the payment to the seller.

An indirect guarantee
In case of an indirect guarantee a second bank guarantees a counter guarantee. In the event of second bank suffering losses in claim against the guarantee, the losses are indemnified by the issuing bank.

Documentary letter of credit
It is issued by the bank of a financial institution. It assures the supplier (beneficiary) that the payment will be made up to the amount stated in the letter of credit, provided the conditions mentioned in the LC are met. It is mostly used in international trading

POF & RWA messages
Banks and financial institutions issue this document on behalf of clients, stating the intent and capacity ( financially & legally) for entering into a financial transaction. RWA’s are also called as bank comfort letters.

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